iCorps Launches Security Assessment with Vulnerability Monitoring & Reporting Managed Service


Boston, MA, March 28, 2016 – iCorps Technologies announced today the launch of its Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting Managed Service and Security Assessment, the company’s latest initiatives to help keep businesses well-informed of the status and security of their IT Network.

“The IT landscape has evolved in a positive way for businesses of all sizes, but unfortunately, the sophistication of cybercrime has evolved with it,” said Michael Hadley, President and CEO of iCorps Technologies, based in Boston, Massachusetts. “The good news is that there are effective and affordable tools available for providing insight to our clients that allows them to be pro-active with network vulnerabilities. When you pair those tools with the 20+ years of IT expertise that iCorps has, our clients are able to gain one powerful ally in this cyber battle.”

iCorps is committed to the security of its clients in the Northeast and believes businesses must employ a layered approach to protect their endpoints, end users and critical data. The company has had much success with its Managed Services including Data Backup, Disaster Recovery and Managed Security, and is now adding an additional layer to its security offering with vulnerability monitoring and reporting.

iCorps’ Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting service will monitor and collect data daily on a client’s environment including internal and external vulnerabilities. Whether a business is operating with cloud hosted servers, on-premises servers or in a hybrid environment, iCorps will be able to monitor and report on vulnerabilities and changes to a customer’s network. These network changes could include, but not be limited to, the addition of a new user, a locked-out computer, or failed login attempt.

Changes (vulnerabilities, new users and devices) will be reported daily via an email journal and security bulletin. Through the service, iCorps will also provide a monthly network security risk review and management plan identifying risk and prioritizing them.

Any business that would like to sign on to the vulnerability service will first undergo a Security Assessment. iCorps will provide a one-time scan and vulnerability summary report outlining internal and external vulnerabilities. The report is to act as a roadmap, and will provide steps for the client to remediate the vulnerabilities they deem unacceptable, either with their own resources, or with the help of iCorps' IT consultants.

“As with any service we provide, an initial assessment is required for a client to fully understand their current state – in this case, their vulnerabilities,” Hadley said. “Vulnerabilities can unnecessarily expose companies to risk, so we want to identify those as quickly as possible and work with the client to remediate them. From there, it’s an ongoing process to minimize risks.”

A one-time Security Assessment is also available to clients who require a vulnerability assessment and remediation, but may not be looking for ongoing change management review.

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