Hurricane's Path Uncertain: Tips to Prepare Your Business

JoaquinIf you’re on the East Coast, chances are you’re nervously checking the news on Hurricane Joaquin. Weather experts are reporting that the storm is slowly intensifying but its future path is still unknown. Currently, a hurricane warning is in effect for the central Bahamas, but forecasters have said the storm could directly or indirectly affect the East Coast late this weekend or early next week.

For many of us, the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy 2012 is still fresh in our minds. Sandy struck the Northeast and caused damage estimated at $60 billion. Countless businesses lost revenue while waiting for power to return or floods to subside.

As you prepare for the potential, we wanted to pass along a few pointers that could help you be better prepared.

  1. Take Care of Employees
    • Have a basic emergency supply kit ready.
    • Make sure everyone knows your evacuation numbers.
    • Plan where to meet and whom to contact after an evacuation.
  2. Identify Assets Most Critical to Your Business
    • Which data do your customers need the most?
    • Which systems and applications are essential to your day to day operations?
    • How long can your business wait while you recover from a disaster?
  3. Determine What Your Business is Most at Risk For
    • Understand what an hour or day of IT downtime could cost your business and what could cause downtime.
    • Know the elevation of your office to decide whether you’re at risk of flooding.
    • Conduct an earthquake and fire safety evaluation.
  4. Evaluate the Solution(s) You Have in Place
    • Can you virtualize your entire IT infrastructure off-site?
    • Can your disaster recovery solution be centrally managed?
    • Do you have a dependable solution that automatically backs up your most recent files?

10_Disaster_Preparedness_TipsFor more tips on disaster preparedness download the resource: 10 Disaster Preparedness Tips for Businesses.

Hurricanes are the most destructive force when it comes to data loss, usually responsible for power failures, floods and the closing of many businesses. Make sure that you act now, and stay ahead of Mother Nature. Don’t become part of the 60% of companies who lose their data that shut down within 6 months, or one of the thousands of companies that account for the $12 billion in lost revenue because of data loss caused by disaster.

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Image Source: The Weather Channel