Four Ways Law Firms Can Safeguard Sensitive Client Data

To say that law firms handle a lot of data would be an understatement. Firms must manage case information, communication records, and myriad documents shared with courthouses, notaries, and other legal entities. It’s almost impossible to conceptualize the physical space that would be required to hold this immense amount of documentation. These logistical concerns (and technological shifts) have caused most firms to digitize their processes. While digitization solves plenty of challenges, it does create a few new ones — primarily with regard to cybersecurity and privacy.

In 2017, Washington, D.C., offices of DLA Piper were the unfortunate victims of Petya malware. The attack resulted in the entire firm shutting down global operations with weeks of disruption, millions lost in business and recovery costs, and painfully public press. 

Read the full Law Technologies Today article here: Four Ways Law Firms Can Safeguard Sensitive Client Data

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