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Due to the constant evolution of the technology landscape and pressure to operate more efficiently, many companies have transitioned from an in-house IT staff to an outsourced IT staffing model. Recent technological innovations have paved the way for a great influx of Information Technology within all types of businesses, creating an even greater need for more skilled professionals with a wide range of expertise. 

IT outsourcing is part of a growing trend of using external providers to deliver IT solutions including, but not limited to: infrastructure solutions, managed services, and crisis resolution. Some organizations outsource their entire IT department, while others leverage external IT consultants to complement their internal resources. Either way, IT outsourcing has many benefits when compared to traditional forms of employing internal IT staff, but the model can also have its downsides if not done strategically.

The Advantages of IT Outsourcing   

  • Focus: Your company's attention stays focused on its primary business goals, having left the IT tasks to professionals. Whether you’re outsourcing the day-to-day “dirty work” such as server monitoring to a Managed Services provider or you’re outsourcing your full IT infrastructure, both mean less time and money spent on training internal staff and putting out day-to-day fires. This gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.
  • Competitiveness: With the technology landscape shifting daily and new security threats being launched every hour, many businesses turn to IT outsourcing just to keep up. If you’re lacking IT leadership and proactive, forward-thinking internally, a strategic IT partner can come in and help your business become more efficient, competitive and agile by leveraging technology.
  • Flexibility: IT outsourcing provides the opportunity to divide large projects into several sub-projects and outsource each of them individually. It also allows for staffing flexibility, enabling you to scale up or down on IT resources in response to seasonal changes or major projects.
  • Efficient Experts: Established IT outsourcing firms will have a deep bench of consultants, allowing for access to top experts in the field most suitable for the job at hand. The best outsourced IT consultants stay trained with the latest technology certifications and can leverage the knowledge of their peers and resources. You’ll find that with less time is taken overall to complete and finalize projects no matter the size.
  • Reduced expenses: While this is highly dependent on the type of provider to which you outsource, a proactive and business-minded IT company will ensure that you have solutions before problems cost you money. Shifting your IT spend to a predictable, month-to-month model provides a peace of mind, gives you access to expert resources and reduces costs that you could experience because of downtime or IT emergencies.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing IT

  • Lack of coordination: Some organizations will attempt to plug and play outsourced consultants with their internal team. While it can certainly work, this model (which we refer to as hybrid IT) requires some form of IT leadership - either in-house or external. Without an IT leader, a team comprised of outsourced and in-house IT professionals could become confused and responsibilities can become unclear.
  • Lack of internal familiarity: There is a misconception that outsourced IT consultants could never have the familiarity with your IT infrastructure that an internal team does. It can be true of the external IT experts do not make it a priority to understand your business and the innerworkings of your network before you onboard them. Make sure your consultants are well versed on your business and its infrastructure.
  • Shared responsibility: Your company's IT performance will rely on external factors. If internal IT leadership is not comfortable giving up control, this can become problematic. Look for an IT provider that is reliable and has a good track record in the form of case studies, testimonials, and reviews so that you feel comfortable sharing the responsibility with them.

A partnership with an experience and trustworthy external IT outsourcing provider can help launch your business forward. Using established providers of IT outsourcing is a cost-effective method to ensure that your business will always have a dependable partner to rely on in your day-to-day IT tasks and long-term strategic goals.

Choosing Your IT Company