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Android Tablets an Effective IT Solution

Android Thrive 10 Tablet

When business managers think of IT consulting, what comes to mind is most likely IT solutions that make use of laptops, desktops, and servers; in other words, traditional computers.  While this type of IT solution is still the dominant form, it is by no means the only one.  In today's mobile world, computing devices are smaller than ever before and frequently go by other names.  The Android smart phone is an example of such a device.

IT Consulting: Improve Customer Loyalty Through IVR and SMS

Improving Customer Loyalty

In today's highly competitive business environment, successful companies are those that know how to build and maintain customer loyalty.  This approach is not suited for companies who make their purchasing decisions based soley on price, but rather for those that are interested in evolving and growing their business.  The key to growth is providing excellent customer service through timely and accurate advice and recommendations.

The Value of IT Consultants

IT Consulting and BYOD

The old saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is true in many contexts in the business world, but is perhaps most true when it comes to the decision to hire an IT consultant.  By working closely with an IT professional, businesses can avoid the probability of proceeding on a trial-and-error basis when implementing a new system, program, or set of procedures.  IT consultants have been down the same road before with prior clients, and can offer expert advice and guidance about the most cost-effective ways to achieve business goals.

BYOD Lends Itself to a Managed Programs Model


The increasing popularity of BYOD (bring your own device) policies in small and medium-sized businesses is leading more companies to investigate the advantages of a managed programs approach to IT support and services.  Under BYOD policies, employees use their personal devices such as smart phones or tablets in order to complete work tasks.  Such policies improve employee productivity because workers are more familiar with the operation of their own personal devices. 

Securing Mobile Content Through Managed Services

managed services

Any business where employees are using smartphones or other mobile devices to process workflow must find ways to secure the devices themselves, but this strategy in and of itself will not be sufficient unless content is also secured.  One of the best ways to select and implement a management strategy for mobile content is to work with a managed services provider with expertise in this area.

3 Top Security Controls For BYOD Devices: IT Solutions

Phone Security

A growing number of businesses and other organizations are allowing, encouraging, or even requiring employees to use their own personal devices such as tablet computers and smart phones at work.  This strategy lowers capital costs for the business and provides a positive benefit to employees since in many cases they end up carrying fewer devices, instead of a personal smart phone and one that belongs to the business; they simply carry the former. The state of Delaware has been at the forefront of the trend toward this model.   "We're thankful that we were able to get out a little bit in front of it," commented Elayne Starkey, who serves the state as its chief security officer.

IT Solutions: The Microsoft Office App For iPad

Microsoft Office App

Businesses that have wanted to widely adopt a tablet-based computing infrastructure have been somewhat stymied to date by the lack of a Microsoft Office app for the most popular tablet in the world: the iPad produced by Apple Computers.  That bar to adoption is now slated to vanish; according to released reports, a Microsoft Office app designed to run on the iPad will soon be launched.  The app is expected to include the popular Office components of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  There is no word as of yet whether other Office family programs such as Access, FrontPage, or Publisher will also be released in iPad app form. 

Smart Phone Experiment Demonstrates Importance of Managed Programs

Smart Phones

Much has been said of the potential security vulnerabilities of smart phones used in a business environment.  Until now, however, hard data has been heavily anecdotal, focusing on breaches that occurred at one business or another that turned out to result from the misuse of a smart phone.  That has all changed with the release of a new study conducted by antivirus firm Symantec. 

NIST Releases WLAN Security Guidelines

security guidelines

Before wireless networks were common, hackers needed to find a physical route into a company's systems.  Even when that meant using a dial-in modem, the possible attack routes were limited by the available technology.  The spread of wireless communications, however, has given malicious actors an unprecedented level of opportunity.  When this consideration is paired with the fact that WLANs, wireless local area networks, often possess weaknesses in their approaches to IT security, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Using IT Consulting to Deal With BYOD Challenges


The practice of BYOD or bring your own device is a somewhat controversial one in business circles across the nation.  While employees may appreciate the convenience of using their own mobile phone for business as well as personal use, some companies are having second thoughts about this model.  Security concerns play a large role in the conversation, as does the issue of employees possibly using company time for personal email and other non-work uses.  This, of course, can become more frequent when a BYOD policy is in effect. 

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