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Pros and Cons of BYOD to Work

Mobility Solutions

As any CIO, IT professional or manager of operations can tell you, most employees have fully embraced the idea of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. But is BYOD good for a business? What are the advantages? What are the risks?

IT Manager: How Sophos' Mobile Control Helps You with BYOD


Early Thoughts on Amazon's New Tablets


A year after unveiling their first ever color tablet, the Kindle Fire, Amazon is back again with the release of three new Kindle Tablets - Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Fire HD 7, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

BYOD: Threats to My Network Through Mobile Devices

IT services: Mobility

BYOD isn’t a fading trend. It’s here to stay. And Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in today’s business world are growing in acceptance faster than our mobile devices change. What does this mean for your enterprise IT network? Challenges, challenges, challenges to be sure. But perhaps it also means an opportunity to be in the forefront of IT security innovation--by implementing solutions that work.

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BYOD: 4 Things to Know if You Are an IT Manager

IT services: BYOB

It’s estimated that in today’s workforce, some thirty six percent of businesses now fully support BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, at least for mobile devices. Depending on the surveys you read, that figure rises to eighty six percent if you widen the scope to include any kind of support at all, even if grudgingly given. Some people hail this policy as a great way forward in motivating staff productivity, while others take issue with the potential for security vulnerabilities and the burden of supporting a more diverse range of equipment.

How to Become a BYOD Guru

Mobility and IT Security

Telling someone to BYOD is literally a four-letter word in many IT departments. Also known as “bring your own device,” BYOD is a cloud-based concept which allows mobile devices to access a private or corporate network. Employees can access the network using their tablets, cell phones, laptops and other mobile devices.

Making BYOD Work For My SMB

Mobile Device Management

Regardless of how you may feel about BYOD (bring your own device), employees have been doing it already for years and the trend is growing. The meteoritic rise of social media coupled with users who want access to corporate data while on the road has strengthened users' position. Businesses have begun to look at the benefits of it such as cost savings in machinery, but security risks still remain. Let's look at how you can make BYOD work for your company.

BYOD and Mobile Apps: Which Should You Choose


Now that BYOD (bring your own device) is such a dominant part of the workplace in many small and medium-sized businesses, many firms are beginning to look for additional ways in which these devices can be leveraged to increase productivity, and along with it, profits.  IT consultants can be invaluable sources of information about how to accomplish these goals as part of an overall BYOD approach to processing daily workflow.

Government Stresses Mobile Device Training for Network Security

Mobile Devices and IT Security

IT support experts are paying close attention to a newly announced ‘mobile device strategy’ for the US Department of Defense.  The strategy emphasizes the essential nature of employee training in order for these devices to be used to their highest potential in the workplace.  According to Teresa Takai, the Chief Information Officer for the department, "Although mobile devices are the new and popular item in today's commercial market, this strategy is not simply about embracing the newest technology; it is about keeping the DoD workforce relevant in an era when information and cyberspace play a critical role in mission success."

Remote Access Challenges Call for IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT consultants assist businesses to streamline their systems and assist employees to use them in ways that are more efficient.  With the advent of mobile computing available through not just handheld tablet computers and cell phones, it may be more important than ever to hire a skilled IT consultant on board to make sure that a transition from older computing systems to more modern ones proceeds smoothly.

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