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The Benefits of Project Management Software

Microsoft SharePoint

Whether you run a business, public service, or a not-for-profit organization, it's now near impossible not to use IT systems to help you.  In fact, it could be argued that any business or organization that does not have computer-related systems in place could be losing out significantly, making staying in business very difficult.

Microsoft Small Business Server 2011: Pros and Cons

Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft's Small Business Server 2011 is intended for small organizations and can accommodate as many as 75 user accounts. 

Microsoft Encourages Cloud Computing

Microsoft Cloud Computing

Cloud is big business nowadays even for the likes of Microsoft.  What’s more, the software giant believes it has something that small and medium-sized businesses want.

Patch Policies in a Managed Programs Environment

Windows OS Security Patches

Windows Operating Systems, whether installed on server or client computers in a network, benefit from having security patches applied on a regular basis.  It is far from true that Windows computers, including servers, can be configured once and continue to function seamlessly thereafter.  To remedy this, Microsoft regularly releases software patches for its systems.  These small modules are designed to be installed into an existing OS configuration, and to repair elements of the operating system on an ongoing basis.

IT Solutions: The Microsoft Office App For iPad

Microsoft Office App

Businesses that have wanted to widely adopt a tablet-based computing infrastructure have been somewhat stymied to date by the lack of a Microsoft Office app for the most popular tablet in the world: the iPad produced by Apple Computers.  That bar to adoption is now slated to vanish; according to released reports, a Microsoft Office app designed to run on the iPad will soon be launched.  The app is expected to include the popular Office components of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  There is no word as of yet whether other Office family programs such as Access, FrontPage, or Publisher will also be released in iPad app form. 

3 Efficiency Features in Windows 7: IT Solutions


When it comes to Windows 7, a platform increasingly being used in business and industry in preference to older forms of Windows, the OS comes with many efficiency features that will make the transition worthwhile.

Improving Efficiency Through Managed Programs: The Issue of Macros

Managed programs

Anyone who has worked extensively in Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel may well have encountered the huge advantage to be garnered from recording and using macros.  These are small programs that can be executed from within Office applications in order to automate tasks that are performed on a frequent basis.  One possible use of a macro, for example, is to take a text file created by a non-Microsoft application and strip it of extraneous data so that its contents can be easily transferred into a spreadsheet or other program.

Migrating to Windows 7: The Advantage of Virtualization


Windows 7 is a Microsoft operating system that can be used on physical desktops but can also be implemented as part of a virtualized computing environment. 

Exchange 2010 Offers Functional Email Archiving

Exchange 2010

Before Exchange 2010 was released, networked users of Microsoft workstations had fewer options for the creation of email archives.  The most typical method used was moving email into Microsoft Outlook and creating personal archives using its functionality. 

Planned Enhancements for Windows Server 8


Windows Server 8 is slated to be the most impressive leap forward from Microsoft's server platforms in a long while.  New features of the platform were recently revealed to the public at the BUILD Conference.  While some of these have been discussed in previous pre-release blogs and announcements, others came as a welcome surprise to conference participants and attendees. 

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