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Managed Program Models and Class Action Lawsuits


No business wants to find itself the subject of a class action lawsuit, but a growing number of organizations are finding themselves in that unwelcome position because of alleged breaches of confidential information.  Such breaches sometimes occur as a result of carelessness on the part of employees transporting physical repositories of data such as laptops or portable hard drives, but the majority of them are electronic breaches that happen when security measures fail to keep out a malicious attack launched through cyberspace.

Inherent Advantages of Managed Programs Models


One benefit of a managed program model for IT services is the fact that businesses using this approach to IT services have access to expert advice about improving its systems when needed.  In-house IT personnel usually have many diverse responsibilities in small and medium sized businesses, and in many cases, IT personnel actually wear several hats and perform double or even triple job functions. This often leaves them very limited time to see to changes in IT needs.  Frequently they do not have time to spare to stay current with developing cyber security needs and legislation emanating from national and state governments. 

Dealing with HIPAA Audits via IT Consulting


The Office for Civil Rights, a division of the federal government's Department of Health and Human Services, has released more information about the HIPAA audit program designed to assess compliance with the HITECH Act.  This act mandates regular reviews of health care organizations and businesses to ascertain to what degree they are meeting the demands of HIPAA, which refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

DHS May Save Up to 10% by Using Cloud-Based Data Services


At a recent Congressional Hearing, the Chief Information Officer of the United States Department of Homeland Security testified that migrating key data and systems to a cloud-computing platform might save the department as much 10% of its information technology costs.  This cost saving level is significant and represents a way to free up needed resources so they will become available for other pressing needs, a situation that parallels the financial needs of business enterprises as well.

Email Archiving: Required in Many Industries

IT consulting

School districts and other public entities as well as many business enterprises are required by law to maintain an archive of the electronic communications that take place on their networks.  This includes instant messaging communications as well as email.  The requirement to do this came into effect in 2006 with the adoption of Rule 26 of the Federal Regulations on Civil Procedures, or FRCP.  

IT Consultancy Assist Enterprises with Compliance Issues


It is not enough in today's business environment to comply with all of the governmental mandates that apply to your industry.  A business enterprise must also be able to demonstrate without question that it has done so.  Since it is difficult to pass an audit without sufficient proof of compliance, enterprises are left searching for IT solutions that will help them streamline the processes required by mandate as well as automate the creation of necessary documentation regarding compliance.

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