3 Windows 10 Cybersecurity Defense Protection Benefits for Businesses

Cybercrime is a world that is continuously evolving. In this digital age where the networks and devices we rely on every day are interconnected, we need the best cybersecurity solutions and protection against the most malicious of threats. Microsoft recognized this change in landscape and responded by updating the architecture of Windows 10, providing comprehensive protection against cyberattacks. Check out the infographic! 

Windows 10 for your Business

Make The Switch And Increase Productivity With Windows 10

Windows 10 is projected to reach one billion devices this year - and for good reason. It's the OS for a modern workforce, with faster-operating speeds, a more responsive and personable user interface, and greater application compatibility. The Windows store leverages application sandboxing - meaning that applications are run separately - to mitigate the chance of failure and prevent vulnerabilities from spreading. Other security features include Microsoft Passport (a single-sign-on and mobile wallet feature), ransomware protection, and threat detection. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] Windows 10 Pro Boost Your Productivity & Help Secure Your Business

Understanding Windows 10 Security Features

Here are some of the top security benefits our clients experience when using Windows 10:

  • Virtualization-based security can help prevent malware installation to the OS layer

  • Windows Information Protection allows you to control how your employees use your business data

  • Windows Defender Anti-virus offers built-in malware protection to help keep you safe from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software

If you're looking to upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, our experts can help. A well-planned migration minimizes downtime and ensures your line-of-business applications are compatible with a new OS. For more information about planning your Windows 10 migration, reach out to iCorps for a free business IT consultation

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