DDoS Threat Report | DDoS Attack Statistics (Infographic)

In recent years DDoS, distributed denial of service, cyberattacks have become increasingly common, with costs well beyond the financial purview. Targeted companies have to grapple with compromised data and hardware, stolen intellectual property, and decreased customer trust. For those businesses without DDoS protection and thorough, proactive security measures, the road to recovery is an arduous one. And as is the case with every cyber threat, the landscape continues to evolve.

The following infographic, informed by reports from Imperva and Verisign, sheds light on both the growing cost and complexity of these attacks.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What You Need to Know About DDoS Attacks

DDoS Prevention Tips for SMBs

As DDoS attacks become increasingly sophisticated, SMBs are bearing the brunt. Verisign's and Incapsula's reporting finds:

  •  57% of DDoS events feature multiple attack types, which target different network layers. This is up from 29% in the last quarter of 2016. 
  • 74% of targets experience multiple DDoS attacks. 19% reported 10 or more, a 13.1% increase since the last quarter of 2016.   

The best way to avoid costly, time-consuming DDoS recovery is through proactive cloud-based security. For ways to safeguard your business from DDoS attacks, consider:

  • Moving high risk lines, for business applications, from internal to cloud-based services
  • Using multiple ISP, Internet Service Provider, lines from different vendors
  • Managing outbound access to prevent/reduce outside reconnaissance
  • Working with a vendor that provides pro-active DDoS protection, such as Azure DDoS Protection Standard

When navigating the growing threat of cybercrime, it's important to be as informed as possible. Check out the following PDF for the most common cyber threats, as well as easy solutions to improve your overall security posture. 

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