[WEBINAR] Protecting Your Business from the Top Email Threats of 2020

While it's no surprise that cybercrime has peaked during Covid-19, the extent of this malicious activity is still quite profound. Starting in March, Covid-19 related email scams increased by 667%. More importantly, employees were 3x more likely to click on pandemic-related phishing scams than regular phishing emails. In this webinar Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technologies, explores how companies can protect their end-users from these emerging and evolving email threats. 

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Webinar Highlights: Covid-19, Remote Workforces, and More

Though email has always been a top target among cybercriminals, the onset of Covid-19 intensified the strain many organizations were already feeling:

  • +2,000% increase in malicious files with "Zoom" in the name
  • +400% increase in remote desktop protocol attacks in March and April alone
  • +72-105% increase in ransomware

To combat these continuing threats, we recommend the following inbox essentials:

  1. Email Encryption - encrypt outbound emails against data leaks and unauthorized use

  2. Anti-Virus - protect business endpoints against viruses, Trojans, malware, etc.

  3. Email Data Backup - protect and restore email content, contacts, and calendaring

  4. Employee Training - create a culture of compliance through routine employee training

  5. Phishing Attack Simulations - simulate hundreds of realistic and challenging phishing attacks to measure end-user susceptibility and overall organizational risk

Now more than ever, it's critical to secure your remote and in-office email users. Find out which email solutions are working for your organization, and where there's room to improve. For more information about iCorps' email security solutions, please reach out for a free consultation

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