[WEBINAR] How to Enhance Your Microsoft Teams Experience with Bots

Microsoft Teams adoption has hit an all time high, with 75 million daily users. With so many different people, departments, and industries represented, Microsoft has been rapidly expanding Teams' suite of integrations and bots - for a more customized experience. In this webinar Jeffery Lauria, iCorps Vice President of Technologies, explores Teams' robust bot integrations, and how they benefit your employees.

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Webinar Highlights: Top Teams Integrations for Users

Over the past six months, bot and automated integrations have grown 40% in Microsoft Teams. The platform now supports 3,000 integration points, making it easy for users to connect with the applications they use every day. These integrations make Teams sites more productive by overcoming two core challenges to remote work: the adoption of new tech, and perceived usefulness. Now, employees have greater ease of use within their Teams' site, direct access to information, and applications that streamline daily processes. Two of the most popular integrations are Teams' Secretary Bot and Zoom AI. These virtual assistants can:

  • Set up meetings based on attendee availability

  • Provide location specific information - such as restaurant recommendations for lunch meetings

  • Pull information from LinkedIn, FaceBook, Hubspot, and existing CRMs for attendee backgrounds

  • Send reminders and daily recaps of forthcoming meetings

  • Improve intra-organization communication

These bots and integrations make Teams the central point of productivity for your employees. Eliminate repetitive tasks, set security controls for secure file share, and suggest integrations based on departments. Teams offers application recommendations for Project Management, Analytics and BI, Human Resources, Productivity, Sales and Support, Social Engagement, and more. By adding functionality to the everyday work experience, Teams' is helping businesses drive adoption and engage their remote employees.

Secure Your Employees Within Microsoft Teams

By bringing third-party applications into Teams, you can use security tools that may not have been previously available. For example, you can implement multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on. Layering MFA and identity management will improve your security posture without sacrificing the functionality that Teams' users prioritize. For more information about optimizing your Teams experience, please reach out to iCorps for a free consultation

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