The Value Digital Asset Management Systems Bring to IT Support

Ever since its inception, the world of IT solutions has been rife with acronyms.  One of the newest to come along is DAM, which refers to digital asset management.  A DAM system is designed to assist companies with the routine tasks associated with digital assets such as documents and images as well as video and audio clips relevant to the company's business operations or future.  DAM encompasses a wide range of activities associated with such assets, including cataloguing, storage and retrieval, and distribution. 

A solid DAM system also allows for annotation.  This can be particularly important because file names can only contain a limited amount of information.  Annotation means that DAM makes employees much more efficient. 

For example, the newest paradigms for education recommend the use of digital assets.  Many teachers have collected a vast assembly of video clips.  Organizing them by folders in Windows is a start, but many clips belong in several places at once.  A clip about the Declaration of Independence might logically fit well in both the Revolutionary War folder and the Jefferson folder, yet few teachers want to keep multiple copies of the same file.

DAM systems can allow the file to be virtually tagged with as many descriptors as needed.  Afterwards, a search using any of the descriptors will list the file, conveniently linked so it is ready for immediate retrieval and use. 

DAM is best implemented as part of an overall managed programs model so that ongoing support and maintenance will keep the system functioning as intended for all relevant staff.

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