Case Study: How Encompass Edge Drives Digital Transformation

SmartPharm Therapeutics is an innovation-driven startup, specializing in the development of gene-encoded patient therapies. Originally proposed to DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, SmartPharm's gene-encoded therapies have garnered considerable interest from investors. Over the last year, SmartPharm has secured its first round of funding and has been operational since March. 

SmartPharm's Digital Transformation

How SmartPharm Used Encompass Edge

When SmartPharm came to iCorps, they needed an IT infrastructure befitting the unique features of their company design, including a highly collaborative research environment, distributed employee structure, and location in a co-working facility. After careful consideration, Timothy Brauns, SmartPharm's Chief Operating Officer, chose to leverage iCorps' Encompass Edge Program, a suite of tailored services designed to support businesses born in the cloud.

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iCorps' experts fitted SmartPharm employees with Edge's enterprise-level platform, allowing them to safely collaborate with cutting-edge universities, hospitals, and research facilities. The same can be said of SmartPharm's remote employees, who are now more efficiently connected and collaborative through Office 365. As Brauns has underlined "With start-ups there has to be some proportionality, and Edge provides that. When we look at the value proposition, of course, we're cost-sensitive, but we don't just look at dollars and cents. We look at the value that's created."

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