Overcome Virtualization’s Challenges with a Managed Programs Model

Virtualized servers are solving a number of problems in business IT environments, but they also create new challenges.  With increasing performance levels of these servers, it has become possible to launch more VMs than ever before.  Creating additional virtual servers without an overall plan and stacking excessive applications onto a single host can lead to VM sprawl as well as intense competition for IT resources.  Both of these challenges mean that managed programs staff will benefit from improved administrative platforms, IT solutions that make it more feasible to effectively manage and provision large numbers of VMs.

Before virtualization became common, many in-house IT personnel frequently worked from an IT model that involved managing only one major application on each physical server.  This paradigm locked them into a certain mode of thinking, but a virtualized environment can require a completely different approach.  IT tech support personnel now need to manage resources that are both virtual and are spread across several or even many physical servers.  This is a complex task, but it is well within the capabilities of managed programs staff.

Because a managed programs approach usually involves using personnel that also serve other companies, these support staff are not locked into a single paradigm.  They can help a company make the leap from physical to virtual environments by using a virtualization management program that helps them efficiently and effectively to control VM sprawl and dynamically allocate resources across company systems.

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