Case Study: Embracing a Phased Digital Transformation

Boston-based media agency Norbella is celebrating its tenth year as one of the city's most forward thinking strategic firms. They have partnered with companies ranging from Cumberland Farms to the Boston Symphony Orchestra, with high impact local and international campaigns. After looking to make the switch from the private to public cloud, Norbella reached out to one of their clients who happened to be leveraging iCorps' managed services. After that, the choice was simple. 

Norbella became an iCorps Encompass Program client, empowering their employees through maintenance from mid-level consultants, IT monitoring of all systems and servers, IT leadership from a senior consultant, and procurement and account management. After modernizing their digital ecosystem, Norbella was able to implement a phased migration to Microsoft Azure without disrupting daily processes and the quality of their service. 


As a young and dynamic company, Norbella now has the time to assess and implement a long term security defense system. By making the transition to the public Azure cloud, Norbella is better positioned to expand their company, improve the working experience of their employees, and improve the services they offer clients. 

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For the past 25+ years, iCorps Technologies has been refining outsourced and hybridized IT strategies for companies across the Northeast. If you are interested in learning how cloud-based, managed, and fully outsourced IT solutions can support and drive change within your business, contact an iCorps expert. For more client success stories, be sure to visit our testimonials page!

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