IT Solution Provider: 3 Factors that Differentiate iCorps

As one of the top IT solution providers that’s been in business for more than 20 years, it might be tempting to get complacent. 

But while experience (and confidence) is extremely important in the IT services industry, complacency is the enemy. The rapidly changing pace of technology does not leave room for “Well, that worked 3 years ago.”  For the sake of our clients – small and mid-size businesses in the Northeast – iCorps is constantly striving to balance technology innovation with the unique business needs and growth goals of each of our clients.  

As the list of IT solution providers grow, iCorps remains competitive by prioritizing three factors that set us apart: 1. our people 2. our client relationships and 3. our strategy. Check out our new video to learn just how exactly iCorps goes about doing that and how our approach drives client satisfaction.



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