Community Synergy Pt. 2: Ransomware as a Business

iCorps kicked off spring with a cybersecurity lunch and learn with our partners at the Boston Association of Legal Administrators. As an international organization, ALA members are as diverse as the regulations that shape how they drive their businesses forward. As such, iCorps brought partners from Datto and Sophos to discuss how cloud technologies are shaping the way the legal industry operates, and the most persistent threats in today's cybersecurity landscape. In the second half of this two-part series, we recap a question posed to panelists regarding how cyber threats are handled in the cloud.

The experts from iCorps, the event host and Managed Services Provider; Datto, a data backup and disaster recovery solution; Sophos, a firewall and security expert discuss the prevalence of ransomware, and how to protect your business. 


Moderator: How are ransomware, phishing, things like that, handled in the cloud? Are they handled differently than on-site?

Justin Walker, Senior Channel Sales Engineer, Sophos: I don't think it's any different. We treat it exactly the same, it's exactly the same risks. Ransomware actually makes up a really small percentage of actual infections - less than 2% globally of all the malware out there - is actual ransomware infections. But they are so disruptive and damaging they are all that you think about. They also make a ton of money. In 2016, a single family of ransomware made over a billion dollars. Just one variant of ransomware. It's where the money is, and that's why there are incentives to have technical support behind it. 

Free resource: Datto's Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report 2018

Prefer to listen to the answers? Access the video coverage below.

Jeffery Lauria, VP of Technology, iCorps: I agree, and the other part of that is, thankfully these platforms, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Docs, they all have roll back features. That said, it doesn't necessarily mean that ransomware doesn't affect your machine. You could get locked out. So, if you have cloud data, fair enough, you can treat them the same way.


Lauren Looney, Channel Development Manager, Datto: No matter what industry you're in, no matter how smart your folks are, no matter how up to date you think you are, there are actual companies out there now with 24/7 hotlines bad guys can call for support on their end.

Attendee: Fake call centers?

Looney: Real call centers. Ransomware is a business now. They have actual brick and mortar stores.  Sometimes, [their employees] don't know that they are working for [a ransomware company] so people are really the biggest thing. We're all susceptible.  

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