iCorps Technologies Launches Guardian Business Continuity Services

 iCorps Technologies today announced the launch of iCorps Guardian, the company’s enterprise-class, multi-tiered business continuity solution. iCorps Guardian responds to increasing market demands for the reliable backup, storage, and restoration of a company’s business-critical data.

“A company’s operations and revenue depend on the health and accessibility of its applications and systems – and the information they contain,” explains Michael Hadley, iCorps’ CEO, president, and co-founder. “But there is much more to keeping a business running than just performing backups.” "That’s why we’re excited to introduce iCorps Guardian,” Hadley states. The comprehensive solution uniquely combines backup with dependable business continuity capabilities such as offsite storage, proactive monitoring and testing, and disaster recovery. He notes, “The availability of all these services in a single offering helps to protect a company’s intellectual property, and ensures the smooth continuance of business operations in the face of events as minor as an accidental file deletion – or as serious as a physical disaster.”

iCorps Guardian performs digital backups, a method which is “far more reliable than the standard tape backup many companies currently depend on,” says Hadley. According to Gartner, tape backups fail to restore 70 percent of the time.

Additional services under the iCorps Guardian umbrella include continuous management, monitoring, and maintenance of a company’s backup and storage – all of which are crucial to protecting and assuring the reliability of the stored digital data. iCorps’ unique CORE-validate process provides end-to-end testing and confirms that the business is prepared – at all times – for quick and successful recovery from any type of event or disaster.

Companies can customize the level of protection and recovery options available with iCorps Guardian to fit their specific business needs. Key components of the multi-tiered iCorps Guardian services include:

  • Local Storage – Allows instant data restoration and server virtualization following a local data loss event, including accidental deletion of a file or data corruption, or a local server failure.
  • Remote Storage and Off-site Recovery – Enables companies to restore their entire business environment quickly – from data, to applications, to settings. Redundant storage in each of two separate off-site facilities further protects a company’s data from a disaster that affects a specific geographic area.
  • Emergency Standby Silos – Provides employees with secure, virtual access to business data and applications – in as few as 24 hours – from any Internet connection.

Hadley notes that the Web-accessible virtual technology environment is a particularly valuable service that sets iCorps Guardian apart from standard backup-only solutions. “Being able to flip a switch and have the company’s technology environment up and running within 24 hours after a disaster mitigates a company’s business risk and exposure dramatically. It virtually guarantees fast and seamless continuance of business operations,” he explains. “Easy access to that environment via the Web means that employees can get back to work quickly, even in the case of a disaster that has damaged or destroyed the physical office, such as a fire or flood.”

For more information about how iCorps Guardian can improve the performance and resiliency of your IT operations and provide reliable data protection, please contact iCorps at 1.888.642.6484. iCorps Guardian is available from the company immediately.

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