Business Data Loss Prevention Statistics During Hurricane Season

If a hurricane were to hit the East Coast tomorrow, would your business be prepared? Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the Carribbean have all experienced the devastation brought on by these storms, but the Northeast region of the United States is not in the clear. Hurricane season lasts through November. A study published by The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that more than one-third of organizations surveyed lost one or more critical applications or data files for hours at a time over the past year. Hurricanes are the most destructive force when it comes to data loss, usually responsible for power failures, floods and the closing of many businesses so don’t wait until disaster strikes to take initiative. 

We have put together a quick checklist of tips you can use to prepare for business continuity should more storms continue to creep up throughout the rest of this hurricane season. From data backup to continuity solutions, make sure your business is weather proof.



Since 2010, hurricanes have caused over $400 billion in damages—half coming from the two devastating 2017 storms, Harvey and Maria. In Massachusetts alone, the downtime caused by two of 2018's blizzards cost businesses near $1 billion in lost revenue. No matter where your company is located and the time of year, be it summer in tornado alley, the coast during hurricane season or in the many states that receive multiple feet of snow per winter, the threat of storms destroying important company technology infrastructure always looms. Without a proper data backup and business continuity plan, you are at risk of facing days or months of recovery time if your disaster recovery solution proves to be inadequate against a storm. 

If you lack confidence in your current data back up and disaster recovery program, iCorps Guardian® solution ensures levels of protection including local backups and recovery through onsite image-based backups and business continuity through secure backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. With more hurricanes on the horizon, now is the time to review your preparedness plan or enlist outside help.  For more information about data back-up and recovery solutions, feel free to reach out to iCorps for a free IT consultation.

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