Will Hurricane Matthew Affect Your Business?

If a hurricane were to strike tomorrow and wipe out your company’s entire network, would you be prepared? Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane, has already ripped through the tropical nations of Eastern Cuba and Haiti, causing hundreds of fatalities and significant damage. While the risk of Matthew impacting the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions is low, the unpredictable nature of hurricanes is cause for concern.

Though the pending consequences of Matthew are still unclear, this historic storm should still be an alarming concern for any business whose operations — and reputation — can be severely damaged when faced with significant downtime and data loss. A study published by The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that more than one-third of organizations surveyed lost one or more critical applications or data files for hours at a time over the past year. Hurricanes are the most destructive force when it comes to data loss, usually responsible for power failures, floods and the closing of many businesses so don’t wait until disaster strikes to take initiative. Without a proper data backup and business continuity plan, you are at risk of facing days or months of recovery time if your backup solution proves to be inadequate against a storm. The average cost of downtime for a small to midsized business falls between $8,500 - $215,600 per hour.

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If you lack confidence in your current data back up and disaster recovery program, iCorps Guardian® solution ensures levels of protection including local backups and recovery through onsite image-based backups and business continuity through secure backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. The Managed Service enables your organization to recover from virtually any outage or disastrous event – from data loss and server crashes to major disasters.