Free eBook: Your HR Team and Information Security

Technology has fundamentally reshaped the modern American work space. Take the growing prevalence of remote employees, rise of big data and cloud storage, and seemingly exponential growth of productivity platforms. Companies now have to enforce stricter security standards across a more distributed workforce. Fortunately, there is an in-house, and often underutilized, resource in the fight for greater security: your HR department. How exactly do they play a strategic role in security your content? Read our new eBook to find out:

Read the full eBook here: Your HR Team is a Vital Part of Your Information Security (InfoSec) Infrastructure

Human Resources and Business Data Security

With growing security concerns, regulations, and new practices, such as BYOD environments, it's easy to see where IT vulnerabilities can occur. However, a company's IT staff is not the only victim when this sort of problem arises — Human Resources departments struggle as well. While it's true that IT departments are responsible for securing and maintaining networks on a technical-level, HR personnel play an equally vital role when it comes to determining personnel access and your business's Information Security (InfoSec) infrastructure. 

In this whitepaper, you'll learn about:

  • Creating a culture of compliance among employees

  • Security in the new world of working remote

  • How to identify bad data practices

  • The high cost of security breaches

  • Setting enforceable security standards

  • How protection starts with your HR department

  • How you don't have to handle InfoSec alone by leveraging an MSP

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