How IT Managed Service Providers Can Minimize Downtime

When trying to run your business to the best of its ability, minimizing the downtime is one of the largest challenges. With each hour of downtime costing some businesses an average of $42,000, you can see why companies need to avoid it as much as possible.

Here Are Some Instances Where a Managed Service Provider Provides You with the Best Resources to Avoid Downtime:

Break Fix vs. Managed Service Provider

A lot of small businesses these days rely on the break-fix model because they don’t necessarily have the funding to pay for a managed service provider. These companies do not believe they will encounter as many technology “breaks” that actually occur. With the break fix model, when a certain technology breaks/fails they have to call in a consultant to fix it, where the consultant is paid a fee each time for their service. These occurrences can start to add up, and in the long run you might be paying more in the break/fix model as opposed to one fixed price for the managed service provider.


With a MSP there is 24 hour monitoring, so usually an MSP discovers and fixes the problem before it can negatively affect your business. They also make sure things such as backups, patches and security are all up to date which decreases your chances of facing an IT outage, revenue losses and a substantial slow-down in productivity.

Backup Backup Backup….

One of the keep components in minimizing downtime is to always ensure that you back up your data. Whether it be a natural disaster, a security breach or just a simple human error, the ability to retrieve your data after one of these events is essential in order for your company to avoid facing major downtime or completely going out of business. Dan Gentile, a Senior Consultant at iCorps, gives us his reasoning on the importance in always protecting your data:

“Data protection is important for everyone these days, be it your personal files/pictures, or sensitive business. There are many options for backup. There are robust backup and DR solutions such as the Guardian by iCorps, services like Crash Plan and Mozy for the home, or even something as simple as a good old external hard drive with an extra copy of those cat videos you just can’t lose. Either way if it important to you or your business you should have more than one copy of that data. Period.”


Facts of Downtime

When you experience downtime, you’re not just hurting yourself financially, you also lose credibility and trust from your clients, and that sometimes takes a lot longer to win back than the monetary implications. There are some eye openings statistics when it comes to downtime for a business.

  • 75% of downtime is the result of human error.

  • Downtime costs North American Businesses $26 Billion in Lost revenues annually.

  • 80% of all companies that experience a business interruption of greater than 5 days, without recovery plans, go out of business.

The big bonus when you hire a managed service provider is their 24/7 monitoring system, so a lot the times the MSP can discover and fix a problem before it even hits your system. Networks outages can occur to your email servers, CRM system, or any other application that your business needs in order to function. So it is always beneficial to have someone keep a watchful eye on your network. Ready to upgrade your data backup strategy? Reach out for a free consultation

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