Encompass PLUS Enables Businesses to Engage Technology More Actively

BOSTON, MA – (May 21, 2013) iCorps Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of outsourced IT services and technology consulting,  today announced the launch of its Encompass PLUS proactive managed services program.

As the name implies, Encompass PLUS builds on the iCorps’ existing fixed-price Encompass IT services and support program to include the vision and leadership of a C-level IT executive. The result enables companies to surpass their use of technology as functional support, and transition to a more sophisticated level of integration between technology and organizational objectives.


“Today’s companies rely on technology to support their day-to-day operations,” explains Michael Hadley, iCorps CEO, president, and co-founder. “But for small and mid-sized businesses that have identified technology as a way to differentiate themselves and compete more effectively, simply maintaining and managing daily IT operations is not enough. With Encompass PLUS, the addition of a high-level, strategic IT advisor allows our clients to engage technology more actively in their business.”

For smaller businesses in particular, having access to a high-level IT resource typically is not part of the business plan – or budget. But Encompass PLUS delivers the benefits of a CIO’s deep technology expertise, insight,and business acumen – at a fraction of the cost. “The IT outsourcing model of Encompass PLUS places the critical strategic advantages of IT leadership within the budgetary reach of the small or mid-sized business,” notes Hadley. “It creates a tremendous advantage.” 

The Encompass PLUS technical resource acts in an advisory role that steers a company’s technology choices at a high-level – prioritizing IT initiatives and projects based on a company’s broader business goals and objectives and providing valuable evaluation and counsel on the cost-to-value impacts of a new channel, technology, or platform. At the same time, Encompass PLUS provides the outsourced IT services and support for proactive, ongoing system maintenance and care –enabling the further advantages of predictable IT spending, lowered cost per service, reduced emergency spending, and overall IT savings.

Encompass PLUS is poised to be another key differentiator between iCorps and its regional competitors. With more than 18 years of innovative IT service, iCorps is no stranger to the distinct and evolving needs of today’s small and middle-market businesses. A prominent player in the Northeast’s technology sector, iCorps was named for the sixth consecutive year by Boston Business Journal as one of the region’s 25 largest IT consulting firms. 

About iCorps

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