6 Tips for Choosing an IT Service Provider & Consultant - iCorps

IT_Consulting_Services_Signs-1You have many options, many pain points and likely, many questions. The task of finding the right managed services provider or IT consulting company can be daunting without a roadmap. The following simple checklist of do’s and don’ts can help guide you through the process. 

  1. Do identify your IT outsourcing goals up front.

    Having specific goals in mind will help guide you in your selection process. You may be tempted to simply go into this process with a list of pain points. But translating those pain points into actionable goals (for example: Reduce risks associated with compliance) ultimately puts you in the driver’s seat for the selection process.  

  2. Do decide which type of IT service provider is best suited for your business.

    There is no shortage of IT service providers but choosing one amongst the crowd comes down to knowing what you need and how you want this external resource to work with your business.

  3. Do assess where and how much IT expertise is required.

    Determine what your short-term and long-term IT goals are and then identify where you have staff and expertise to succeed in these areas.

  4. Don’t let short-term ROI overshadow long-term value.

    A shift from focusing exclusively on ROI to viewing IT outsourcing as a strategic, long-term investment can deliver better overall value and result in a lean, highly efficient IT infrastructure that supports competitive advantage.

  5. Don’t assume industry expertise is an advantage.

    An IT service provider can claim to be an “expert” in your industry but lack the core service levels that you require for a competitive IT infrastructure. Instead of industry expertise, make sure to learn about the size and complexity of the projects managed and compare to the same factors for your business.

  6. Don’t overlook compatibility.

    By choosing employees who work well with your staff, you are more likely to have successful collaboration that can help move projects forward.

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