3 Must-Follow Digital Transformation Steps for Your Finance Startup

For executives in every industry, technology is changing the way the modern world does business. Startups regularly use technology to support an advanced workforce, often with employees distributed around the country. Companies with their attention on the horizon are undergoing digital transformations to optimize their efficiency and offerings in an already competitive marketplace. 

Digital transformation — the leveraging of modern cloud-based technologies — can transform a company's work and IT environments for the betterment of the entire business. Organizations of all sizes (even those born in the cloud) are prioritizing digital transformations, with one survey finding that 85 percent of senior executives plan to spend as much as 25 percent of their total budgets on these efforts. 

What are the 3 must-follow digital transformation steps to keep in mind for your finance startup? iCorps President & CEO Michael Hadley shares his insight on Equities.com.

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