How Cloud Technology Can Increase Productivity (VIDEO)

The first webinar in our digital transformation series explored the Associated Industries of Massachusett's journey to a cloud-based workforce. But what would this process look like for a business in which half of all employees work remotely? iCorps sat down with Ben Goldfard, VP of Nauset Construction, to find out. This webinar demonstrates the value of cloud services and tailored, business-minded IT in a highly collaborative professional environment.  

Through specialized recommendationsNauset Construction was able to fulfill a number of desired technological objectives, including: 

  • Supporting mobile, or remote, employees 
  • Boosting productivity without compromising security 
  • Ensuring cloud back-up and data recovery 

To watch the full presentation, see the following video: 


Top Webinar Highlights

What factors impede business productivity?

  1. Situational Downtime - example: Sales has to securely access the network while on the road to request a quote

  2. System Downtime - example: server crash, outages, lost mobile devices

  3. Reactive IT - example: unsupported Exchange Server leading to email downtime 

How Can Office 365 Elevate Your Business, and Address Many of the Above Issues?

  1. Modernize your productivity - do more by connecting the right people, ideas, and information in your business anytime, anywhere.

  2. Share documents easily, and use business-class email and online meetings to connect with customers and partners.

  3. Streamline your IT process while securing your business with enterprise-grade protection and business continuity.

  4. Modernize your technology investment, reduce short-term costs, and ensure that your business remains ready for the future.

For more information about leveraging cloud solutions, or migrating to a public cloud, consider reaching out to an iCorps expert and requesting a free IT consultation.  

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