How a Cyber Security Strategy Can Protect Your Business

Our previous webinar explored Nauset Construction's digital transformation after migrating to cloud-based services. Part three is focused on cybersecurity, drawing from the expertise of iCorps VPs Jeff Lauria and Chandler Stevens. This webinar contextualizes the need for cutting-edge, preventative security, while preparing businesses for future success    

Through business-minded security infrastructure, your company will be prepared to: 

  • Boost productivity without compromising security 
  • Proactively protect confidential and client information 
  • Educate employees to prevent future threats 


To watch the full presentation, see the following video: 


Top Webinar Highlights

Business cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated - both in terms of scale and fallout. In 2017, cybercrime was a $455 billion industry. Almost two billion records were compromised in the first half of 2017, putting daily losses over ten million. Here are the top security threats facing modern businesses:

  1. Ransomware-as-a-Service

  2. Mass scale phishing attacks

  3. Targeted, highly personalized business email compromise

  4. Social hacking

  5. C-level impersonation

The consequences of a breach are also diffuse, including: data loss, legal costs, public relations, breached client records, regulatory fines, downtime and damages, remediation, and business disruption. More businesses are leveraging tools such as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, for:

  • Identity access and management - centrally manage single sign on across devices, your data center, and the cloud

  • Information protection - comprehensive, intelligent protection against today's attacks

  • Security management - securely manage applications and devices from one place

  • Advanced threat detection and remediation - intelligently safeguard your company data and secure collaboration

For more information about leveraging any of these security tools, consider reaching out to an iCorps expert and requesting a free IT consultation.  

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