How Technology Can Enable a Mobile Workforce (VIDEO)

In this final installment of iCorps' four-part webinar seriesVPs Jeff Lauria and Chandler Stevens discuss mobile data security. They are joined by Paul Mahoney, Director of Operations for Corcoran Jennison. Through their digital transformation, Corcoran Jennison was better able to support a mobile workforce, while ensuring data preservation. This webinar outlines the unique risks posed by mobile devices and offers solutions for end-user security.  

Through Their Digital Transformation, Corcoran Jennison Was Able to Attain: 

  • Increased employee productivity through non-prem IT 

  • A high-fidelity experience across varied devices  

  • Streamlined data sharing through the cloud 

 To watch the full webinar presentation, please see the following video: 


Webinar Highlights

After initiating their digital transformation, Corcoran Jennison experienced:

  1. Greater agility and adaptability - reduced reliance on internal infrastructure

  2. Mobile, secure, and efficient employees across multiple locations

  3. Streamlined and modern file sharing through the cloud

  4. Backed up and recoverable from the cloud

  5. Cohesive experience for employees

  6. Productivity without compromising data security

They don't have to sacrifice data security for mobility - the two can work hand in hand if carefully planned. Each of the following assist with mobile security:

  1. Microsoft Azure

    • zero reliance on on-premise IT, high availability, secure monitored environment
  2. Microsoft 365

    • email in the cloud, office applications anywhere, SharePoint for file share, Teams for employee collaboration
  3. Enterprise Mobility + Security

    • identity management, device management, multi-factor authentication
  4. Windows 10

    • secured mobile devices, and patch management across the operating system

If you're considering leveraging mobile solutions, make sure your choosing the best ones for your business and employees. Feel free to reach out to iCorps for a free consultation

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