[Video] How Has Associated Industries of Massachusetts Transformed With Technology?

How can technological innovation transform your business? Such was the question facing Cindy Lyman, VP of Finance for Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), before partnering with iCorps. Now, having experienced AIM's migration to cloud based services, Lyman sits down with iCorps to discuss the growing need for business-minded digital practices. This webinar demonstrates the value of competitive, efficient IT infrastructure, specifically tailored to a given company's needs.

Through their digital transformation process in the past couple of years, AIM has been able to reach their desired technological objectives, a few of which appear below:

  • Current software and security services
  • Data accessibility for a mobilized workforce
  • A cohesive experience for all employees

To watch the full presentation, see the following video:


This webinar was part 1 of a 4-part series we did with the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) focused on the benefits and process of digital transformation for businesses. Parts 1 through 4 of this webinar series will be published here in coming weeks.

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