Case Study: From Proof of Concept to Enterprise Production

This Boston-based architectural firm* has been a forerunner in producing innovative designs via the power of 3D and project visualization technology. However, aging equipment was hindering their workflow and driving up hardware costs. By partnering with iCorps, they were able to build a new modernized hybrid IT environment that better-supported employees, from the ground up.

How iCorps Helped the Firm 

Aging Software

This firm relies heavily on AutoCAD software in order to create 3D and project visualizations for their clients. This software requires tremendous compute power, and the cost of specialized hardware was becoming prohibitive. Unfortunately, their on-premise server was aging out, and their application stack required significant upfront investment in customized hardware. They were also wary of how their application stack would respond in a cloud environment. 


At this point, iCorps technicians received partner investment funding from Microsoft to design a proof of concept IT environment, demonstrating to the firm that their application stack and employees would thrive in a virtual model. After enthusiastically beta testing the proof of concept, the project was put into production. Now, their employees are able to rapidly deploy new company devices, with built in data back-up and SaaS protect. Read more about it here.

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