Consulting Helps to Solve Information Security Challenges

IT SecurityToday's business climate includes new challenges to maintaining the security of enterprise data.  While cyber threats from outside have presented challenges for decades at this point, the increasing miniaturization of portable media means that maintaining data security among an enterprise's own employees is also an issue that merits consideration.  USB thumb drives are sometimes now no larger than an actual thumbnail, which means that it is easier than ever for employees to leave the premises with copies of essential and proprietary enterprise data.  Data transfer technologies such as FTP and email communications represent another data protection challenge.

Because enterprise employees themselves represent the risk in these scenarios whether through inadvertent or deliberate action, the best plan for mitigating the risk needs to involve outside IT services experts.  Through the use of consulting services, enterprises can install sophisticated content loss prevention systems that offer a variety of benefits.  For example, the current generation of information security software can scan all network-connected locations, including mobile devices with wireless connections, in search of proprietary or other sensitive data.  Such searches go far beyond merely looking at file names but delves deeply into data structures themselves, including scanning the contents of email messages.  The software then produces comprehensive reports of its findings so that flaws in the enterprise's current data protection procedures can be discovered and fixed.

Another benefit of content protection software is that patterns of access can also be identified, and automated rules can be set up in advance to control access to files containing sensitive data if certain ‘trigger’ conditions are met. 


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