President Obama Recommends Cyber Security Measures

Network securityBusiness enterprises rely on their computers more today than ever before, but with this increasing reliance comes increased dangers from hackers and cyber criminals who will stop at nothing, it seems, to intrude into private networks so they can access valuable and proprietary company data.  The damages that can be caused by such malicious activity are many and varied, including such problems as interrupting workflow and causing employees to lose work already completed.  This result is serious enough, but in truth, cyber security breaches can lead to much more destructive results, industrial espionage being one of the most potent. 

Such intrusions and events frequently make the news, but now, cyber security features in the nation's headlines another reason: President Obama has recognized the importance of the issue by declaring the month of October 2011 to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month and is urging individuals and businesses alike to explore their options for improving the existing security measures protecting their computers and data.  According to the President, "the vast majority of our critical information infrastructure is owned and operated by businesses and enterprises across America”.

One of the most effective ways to enhance enterprise cyber security is to adopt a managed services model for intrusion detection and control.  Such a  model provides continuous 24/7 monitoring and protection, something that on-site personnel may have time to do only on a sporadic basis since they are also responsible for many other enterprise functions.  Managed services, in contrast, provide a dedicated level of IT solutions.


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