The Role of Intelligent Disaster Recovery

Disaster recoveryDisaster recovery has been an important topic for IT services staff in business enterprises for as long as firms have leveraged the power of computer technology to streamline operations and manage workflow.  As platforms evolve into more complex forms, disaster recovery strategies must also keep pace.  One of the exciting recent innovations in this field is the ‘intelligent disaster recovery’ provided by Dell in their PowerVault DL Backup to Disk Appliance platform. 

Designed to work in conjunction with computers running Microsoft Windows OS, intelligent disaster recovery works on the premise that before data in the form of applications and files can be restored to a hard drive, the system itself must be brought back to a state of full recovery.  The intelligent disaster recovery system shipped by Dell as part of the pre-loaded software will be activated the first time a user launches "Backup Exec.”  This feature is available through the Dell Appliance Management Console. 

The disaster recovery file created by Backup Exec is designed to aid in the system recovery that is a necessary precursor to the restoration of user data.  This file will contain details about the specific workstation being protected.  Such details include information about hard drive partitions and the type of network interface card present in the system as well as other data needed to bring the system back up to full functionality prior to restoring applications and files.

Intelligent disaster recovery can be set up and administered through a managed programs approach so that enterprise workstations are fully protected from data loss.


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