Providing Managed Services Security for Mobile Phones

Mobile devicesManaged services providers are increasingly being asked to provide IT services related to mobile devices.  To maintain business efficiency, employees must be allowed to use mobile phones for work-related tasks, but this trend toward handheld technology means that enterprises must adapt their existing managed services model to include provisions for mobile phones.

The Need for Remote Wipe

Mobile device management brings with it a new set of security concerns for enterprises to consider.  Devices purchased by the enterprise and used exclusively for company activities, for example, should be enabled with a remote wipe function.  This is important for several reasons.  News reports regularly reveal that confidential data has gone missing from business enterprises or even government agencies by the theft or accidental loss of a cell phone.  Companies need to be able to remotely eliminate all data on a phone so that the instant it is reported missing, the phone can be rendered completely inert from a security standpoint. 

Of course, a remote wipe function should also be paired with a remote restore capacity, so that if a lost phone is found, data such as customer contact information will not have to re-entered by hand. 

A second reason to work with a managed services provider who can provide mobile management including a remote wipe is that, unfortunately, dismissed employees sometimes behave in less than ethical ways.  Enterprises can help protect against a new competitor using their client list by making sure that mobile devices can be cleared of data on command.


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