Staff Augmentation: The Resource Advantage

Staff augmentationOne of the greatest benefits of using the staff augmentation strategy in IT services is access to a wide array of expertise. A business using staff augmentation has automatic access to a vast repository of technical information related to the products and processes needed to produce the IT services desired.

Flaws with the ‘Lone Ranger’ Model 

Although the ‘Lone Ranger’ of TV legend and lore is a romantic figure, to be sure, a new kind of lone ranger has developed when it comes to IT services.  In this model, a business enterprise hires an IT staffer, perhaps even arranging for the expense of a full-time job with benefits, to handle all of their technological needs.

While there are no doubt many talented IT experts on the job market, hiring one to be your ‘lone ranger’ has inherent drawbacks.  The main one is a lack of support services to advise him or her as needed.  The lone ranger is in the position of having to deal with all problems using only a few resources: his own expertise and experience, search engines such as Google, and help desks and forums designed to support a particular product.  In some cases, the lone ranger may not be able to solve the problems that develop in a corporate network.

A staff augmentation model, in contrast, involves an enterprise contracting with an IT staffer who remains an employee of an IT consultancy firm.  This gives him or her the ability to contact other professionals in his home organization.  These experts will have experience solving difficult problems and can assist as needed so that IT needs are fully met in a timely manner.


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