Migration via Staff Augmentation Strategy

IT ConsultantsData and platform migration represents a vital task that business enterprises must periodically see to.  Because it usually consists of a large scale task that needs to be performed only once every several years, it is a perfect candidate for staff augmentation.  By using this strategy to provide the man hours needed for the project, an enterprise can be assured that the work of regular staff members will be disrupted as little as possible. 

In addition, performing migration with additional IT consulting personnel hired specifically for this purpose guarantees that an enterprise will have only thoroughly qualified individuals working on the task.  This is a vital consideration since in any data or platform migration, there is a potential loss of important electronic resources should the migration be mishandled.  This will not happen when an enterprise contracts with those with the necessary expertise to do the job competently as well as rapidly. 

About Platform and Server Migrations

Though a properly organized platform or server migration does represent a certain amount of cost, enterprises will experience far more costs if they keep using outdated systems.  Examples of platform migrations include helping an enterprise transition from a UNIX system to a LINUX environment, but also encompasses less sweeping changes such as moving from one UNIX-based platform to another one with enhanced or upgraded capabilities.

Most platform and server migrations also involve some amount of system migration.  This refers to moving applications and data into the new environment, which sometimes also involves converting data into the newer forms and file structures used in the newly installed platform.


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