Using Project Work to Craft a Disaster Recovery Plan

Project WorkMost business enterprises possess vast expertise in their own core competencies, but they need support and assistance when it comes to meeting IT needs.  Some of these needs, by their very nature, consist of short-term tasks rather than ongoing processes that must be monitored.  Two common methods to meet these task-based needs are to hire IT consultants on an hourly or project work basis.

Project work is particularly useful for tasks such as writing and implementing a disaster recovery plan for an enterprise because the scope of the work itself is quite limited.  

Criteria for a Strong IT Recovery Plan

Any disaster recovery plan should consist of a detailed, yet simple script that employees can follow without second-guessing themselves.  Assuring this generally involves that once the plan is written, enterprise staff are trained so that they can implement it correctly and without hesitation.  Such training must be more than a lecture where the relevant portions of the plan are explained to individuals and groups.  People learn best from hands-on practice, so part of the project work related to training should be to simulate a disaster and assist employees to follow the plan until they can do so without that assistance.

Another important aspect to such a plan is that it is linked to an accurate list of ways to contact key personnel or vendors.  Although an IT consultant can set up the system to begin with, someone within the enterprise should be designated to input data as needed in the future so that accurate call numbers are available at all times.


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