New Survey Reveals Growing Use of Managed Services

Managed ServicesAccording to a comprehensive survey just released, a majority of business executives are now reporting that their top goal for the year is to reduce costs and improve the performance of their operations.  In many domains, those two goals would work against each other; as costs are reduced, it is typical for business performance to decline because the enterprise has cut back on employees, resources, or both.  In the world of managed services, however, it is possible to achieve both goals simultaneously.  Using a managed services provider can help business enterprises to operate more efficiently even as they improve the overall quality of work produced by the organization.

The survey revealed that in some areas, business enterprises are already taking advantage of the capacity for managed services to help them meet their goals.  More than 34% of companies surveyed indicated that they already outsourced data and records management to an IT company, and a similar number had contracted with an IT support firm to handle their print and copy center management.  A slightly larger number outsourced functions such as document imaging.

Despite this swing toward managed services, there still remain many available opportunities for business enterprises to reduce costs further while they enhance their performance.  This is because IT companies help enterprises streamline their overall operations so that resources and employee time are used to their maximum potential.

The companies surveyed had annual revenues ranging from $100 million to $5 billion.


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