IT Consultancy Assist Enterprises with Compliance Issues

ComplianceIt is not enough in today's business environment to comply with all of the governmental mandates that apply to your industry.  A business enterprise must also be able to demonstrate without question that it has done so.  Since it is difficult to pass an audit without sufficient proof of compliance, enterprises are left searching for IT solutions that will help them streamline the processes required by mandate as well as automate the creation of necessary documentation regarding compliance.

IT consultants are instrumental in helping businesses acquire and master a set of hardware and software tools that make up a reliable compliance system.  For an example, consider the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), first enacted in 1996 but with major new requirements added in 2009.  A given business enterprise has to figure out how to navigate the requirements of an entirely unfamiliar law.  By working with an IT consultancy, however, the business can make use of a large collection of wisdom previously acquired, since a consultancy with expertise in HIPAA compliance will have the experience to know what solutions work best.

Under HIPAA, medical care providers need to take steps to safeguard the privacy, security, and confidentiality of patient records, even when those records are available online.  Under the law's 2009 revision, "willful neglect" of these matters carries with it penalties as high as $1.5 million for repeat offenders.  In the face of such high fines, an investment in an IT consultant to establish a compliance system is imperative.



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