Help Desks and Mobile Device Management


In many businesses, enterprise use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers is on the rise.  As company employees increasingly want to use such devices in the workplace to perform enterprise tasks, IT service desks and help desks are being flooded with queries on how to integrate them with company networks.  According to recent surveys, help desks have seen an 86% increase in such requests in recent years, with 76% of survey respondents reporting that the growing need for mobile device management is stressing company IT resources past their limits.

One solution to this quandary is for companies in need of improved help desk functions to contract with a managed services provider.  MSPs, unlike many business enterprises, already count mobile device management as one of their core competencies.  An IT service desk run by a managed services provider will already possess the expertise needed to seamlessly integrate iPads and iPhones into the existing structure of a company network.  

Using an MSP for this function will cut down on employee downtime as they struggle with device management and will streamline the support process to maintain enterprise workflow.   Apart from offering technical advice in individual situations, managed services providers can also help enterprises develop coherent policies that support the appropriate use of mobile technology while on the job.  This will help IT help desks and end-users to stay coordinated in terms of acceptable and best practices.

Mobile-integrated IT solutions can boost both efficiency and employee morale.

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