IT Assessment: Two Realms of Evaluation

A well-functioning IT department means little to a business enterprise if the technology supported by the business does not do a good job of meeting its needs.  Part of the role of IT assessment by an outside firm is to see if there is a good match between the two.  Indeed, an outside assessment is a vital component in evaluating this "match" because the internal politics of a company can sometimes inhibit an open and frank discussion of how technology can better serve the business needs of an enterprise.

Things to Evaluate in the IT Support Department

The IT department itself should be assessed in terms of both leadership and morale, since these are critical factors in the organization of workflow and the ability to meet it.  An outside assessor should also examine human capital issues such as the breadth and depth of knowledge represented in the department, as well as how much hardware and software capacity is available to support that human capital.  Finally, any issues or risks already identified in the department should be analyzed.

Things to Evaluate in the Technology Used by All Employees

Workers outside of a company's IT department also need technology that meets their workflow needs.  The capacity of existing infrastructure should be examined, as should security provisions to keep systems functioning without interruption and company data secure.  The overall stability of the infrastructure should also be assessed, including how the average age of client and server computers may support or impede company goals in the future.

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