Google, Amazon Spur Increase in Online Retail Customer Expectations

Google, online retailer, it servicesThe internet has been a means to an end for most consumers for almost two decades, and over the course of that time the online presence of major retailers has undergone profound shifts online.  Because companies such as Google and Amazon are continually adding new features and functionality to their online offerings, consumers have gradually come to expect all companies to provide them with excellent resources and customer service via a web-based model.

Not all companies, however, are well-positioned to leverage the web in order to improve their customers' interactions with information and personnel.  The technical challenges to achieving this are considerable, precisely because the web is such a fast-changing environment and customer expectations are increasing all the time.  Twenty years ago, a rudimentary knowledge of HTML might be sufficient to code a company website that customers would find adequate, but in the current environment, many other skills are needed to build and maintain the kinds of online resources that customers expect.

To meet these challenges, business enterprises should consider a project work approach to establishing, maintaining, and improving their online presence.  IT services companies include web programming as one of their core competencies and are well-positioned to create engaging and interactive web sites that will provide added value to the customers of a business enterprise. 

It is precisely this sort of added value that can help a company to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

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