IT Consulting: Lesser-Known Benefits of Cloud Computing

IT consultants are recommending cloud-based solutions more frequently than ever before.  Since cloud computing has been in operation for several years now, most business enterprises already recognize that leveraging cloud resources is a way to lower operational expenses.  However, there are additional benefits to be realized from shifting partially or wholly to a cloud computing environment.

The Green Factor

The release of greenhouse gases is closely linked to the demands that a society places on the electrical grid, particularly in areas where electricity is being generated by coal or oil-burning power plants.  In order to encourage the use of less electricity, many nations are shifting to a "carbon tax" model.  Though there are several different ways to implement such a model, what they have in common is that they create a need for businesses to watch their power consumption as never before. 

Even in locales that lack a carbon tax, businesses may be to report their carbon "footprint."

The cloud can help businesses to meet their electrical consumption targets because a cloud strategy involves using resources such as data servers that operate under the auspices of another business entity.  Hence, their electrical usage does not count against the client enterprise.  

This can be a useful business strategy even when regulations are absent since public perception is an important factor in a company's reputation.  As the society at large becomes more environmentally conscious, business enterprises should take advantage of ways to show that they understand the public's desire for eco-friendly industries.

An IT consulting firm can advise businesses of other key advantages to be gained from the cloud.

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