Microsoft Windows 8 to Include Hyper-V

Cloud computingMathew John, one of Microsoft's program managers for Hyper-V has announced on the "Building Windows 8" Blog that Windows 8, the next generation of the company's popular desktop operating system, is slated to include the virtualization tool known as Hyper-V.  Previously, Hyper-V was not available for client computers; it only ran on editions of Windows designed to be installed on servers.

What is Hyper-V?

Hyper-V is a software tool that permits computer users to run two or more desktop environments on a single machine.  These environments can consist, for example, of one configured to do heavy data crunching for advanced databases while another is organized to provide an optimal environment for research and development. 

However, the capabilities of Hyper-V go far beyond guaranteeing that multiple computing environments can be set up to run on the same machine.  This advanced virtualization software package also allows users to run several different operating systems on a single computer.  Therefore, a company that needed each employee to have access to some programs that run under Linux and others that run under Windows would no longer need to supply two machines for each worker or have workers share machines.  Each employee could switch between virtual operating systems as needed to complete his tasks.

Using Windows 8 in a virtualized environment is best done through a managed programs approach, with IT services provided by expert consultants who can set up the systems needed and maintain them to run at peak efficiency.


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