IT Consultants Can Help Move Businesses to the Cloud

Cloud computingAmag Pharmaceuticals of Lexington, Massachusetts provides an example of a company that is becoming more robust and efficient thanks to IT solutions like the cloud services.  This requires a large amount of data migration, as well as the expertise needed to establish and configure the kinds of cloud operations that will best suit any given enterprise.  In short, it requires an IT company that can provide consulting services to make the move happen.

In the case of Amag, the impetus for the move was their dissatisfaction with the Windows and Exchange server they had been using to manage operations.  This server had been added to over time by employees on an as-needed basis, without a coherent overall IT plan directing its development.  Another problem with Amag's IT infrastructure was a lack of ongoing direction. 

Immediate Productivity Benefits

As soon as cloud services were in use, Amag noticed an immediate improvement in employee productivity.  This was due to the adoption of a single sign on (SSO) system.  Instead of having a different password for every application or station, sometimes with different password rules and change schedules, employees were now able to sign on to applications in the cloud with a single set of credentials.  This ease of authentication simplified workflow for functions as diverse as expense reporting and employee healthcare management. 

Additional productivity gains were realized by using plug-ins that would seamlessly integrate SSO between desktop applications and cloud services.


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