Bureau of Labor Statistics Predicts IT Consulting Growth

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In his pre-election address, President Obama spoke of the need for job creation and economic growth in 2012-2013, proposing stimulus grants and tax incentives to aid the process.  One employment sector predicted to grow in the coming years is the IT space. With many new IT jobs focusing on core functions provided by the managed program approach to managing a company's environment, an upward growth trend is expected into the new year. 

Many different specializations exist within the broad framework of managed programs.  Network administrators, systems analysts, and network engineers, are just a few of the job classifications sought after by IT companies who offer managed programs to their clients.  According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a publication of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects in these specialties are expected to be strong through at least 2018.

Managed Programs Provide Benefits

Managed programs, including IT support programs and managed services, provide a less costly and more efficient model for organization's to manage their environments. If security and business continuity are priorities for you, consider managed programs as an overall business solution to your IT problems.

IT is a good investment