NexgenRx Adopts a Managed Services Model

Many different types of industry can utilize managed service offerings to make themselves more competitive and profitable in today's global economy.  The prescription service firm of NexgenRx is a case in point.  NexgenRx has recently signed a contract with a major provider of IT services.  Benefits of this contract will allow NexgenRx to focus on its core mission of providing excellent support to their customers – because with a managed services provider in place, the firm will be able to seamlessly adjust their IT requirements along with market changes.  In this way, they will never find themselves "behind the curve" of evolving IT solutions.

Ron Loucks, the president and CEO of the enterprise, perhaps said it best.  "As NexgenRx enters the next phase of growth from its current 70,000 transactions per week, representing over $275 million dollars' worth of claims, it is imperative that the company has a sound, scalable robust IT framework in order to keep pace with this growth.  Through cloud-based hosting and an air-tight network security model, the company is poised to continue its trajectory for expansion."

Loucks added that NexgenRx could accomplish this expansion without needing to be worried about the technology it would require, since a managed services approach would take care of that aspect for them, allowing the prescription service firm to continue focusing on its core competency of assisting customers to gain access to excellent pharmaceutical care.

NexgenRx has over 500,000 customers and works with a network of over 7,500 pharmacies and more than 15,000 dentists.  Since their care network is so large and complex, it was essential that they partner with a major provider.


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