Managed Programs Can Help Protect Against Malware

Malware ThreatsThere are two basic ways to deal with a serious threat to a business enterprise: owners and managers can be reactive or proactive.  Sometimes being reactive is the only option because many threats cannot be perceived in advance.  Whenever possible, however, it is more efficient and cost-effective to be proactive.

When it comes to the threat that malware in the online environment represents, business owners are better off adopting a proactive strategy.  It is much less expensive to prevent intrusions in the first place than to deal with the data loss and computer repairs that can be necessary if networks or systems develop infections of such threats as worms, Trojan horses, and computer viruses. 

According to a research study conducted by the security software provider Norton Antivirus, 59% of small business owners have seen their systems infected with malware during the past 36 months.  This represents a staggering loss of productivity, but to understand that loss in context, one must also know that more than half of those infections required the services of an IT consultant to get all systems back to normal.  Even with an IT professional, malware intrusions can result in the permanent loss of vital business data such as customer lists and inventory accounts.

A Managed Programs Approach is Proactive

Rather than hiring an IT consultant after the fact, more enterprises are beginning to adopt a managed program approach to their security needs.  In this model, an IT expert visits the business site on a scheduled basis to make sure that security measures such as antivirus programs are functioning properly at all times.


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