IT Staff Augmentation in the Healthcare Industry

The popular image of a hospital or other large healthcare provider is that the staff consists of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists along with support personnel such as maintenance and cafeteria workers. In truth, however, the backbone of a hospital today is often its IT services department. Just like any other business, hospitals have a pressing need for highly qualified IT staffing professionals to manage data, develop software, and deploy the use of ICD-10 medical codes, which are necessary for billing insurance companies in our complex healthcare delivery system. 

Without the best people to perform these vital functions, the delivery of medical services can suffer, impacting end-users and patients.

Healthcare IT Concerns

A recent survey has revealed that about four-fifths of all hospitals and similar organizations queried reported that they preferred to use staff augmentation and co-sourcing as needed to supply themselves with ICD-10 qualified professionals. Even more significantly, smaller and mid-sized hospitals and medical providers also indicated on the same survey that they use staff augmentation in order to help them find, screen, and place IT specialists in their organizations.


The core mission of a hospital is to deliver quality medical care, so it makes good sense for such organizations to outsource IT services and personnel. IT companies can perform functions such as analyzing current data storage practices so that they can suggest improvements and supply the staff needed to carry out a new plan that will benefit hospital staff and patients alike. Feel free to reach out for a free business IT consultation today, and learn more about staff augmentation.   

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